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Wang Bing’s father began smoking when he was a freshman ( 大学一年级学生)in college. His friend passed him


Wang Bing’s father began smoking when he was a freshman ( 大学一年级学生)in college. His friend passed him his first cigarette. He has now been smoking for more than 30 years.
It’s a classic example of how young people are introduced to cigarettes, except that nowadays smokers develop their habit at an even younger age.
It has become a major concern(担忧) in China that many teenagers begin to smoke. A survey showed that 22.5% of the middle school students questioned had tried smoking and 15.8% of them smoked regularly.
For many teenagers, smoking is a symbol of being an adult, independence, maturity(成熟) and attractiveness because the images who they love best often smoke on screen.
The social environment also plays an important role in attracting teenagers to smoking. They are used to seeing their elders, especially male family members, smoking at home. Many of them imitate adult behavior and become new smokers.
To increase the price of cigarettes is an effective way to reduce the number of young smokers, as teenagers have limited money to spend on them.
Another way is to educate the teenagers to voluntarily refuse cigarettes. A survey shows that 92.5% of the students know smoking will be bad for their health. If we persuade them in a proper way, most of them may give up smoking.
All in all, the society, the government, the school and the family should join together to take the responsibility for an anti-smoking (禁烟) campaign aimed at teenagers, not just to put empty slogans and warnings on cigarette packs.
小题1:The writer uses the first paragraph to ______.
A. tell the readers a story of a smoker
B. introduce the topic of the passage
C. introduce the college life of Wang Bing’s father.
小题2:What’s the main idea of this passage?
A.The teenagers think smoking is a symbol of being an adult and independence.
B.The social environment encourages the teenagers to smoke.
C.The teenagers should be educated to refuse to smoke.
D.The teenage smoking has become a serious problem in China.
小题3:What does the word ”imitate”in Paragraph 5 mean in Chinese?
小题4:From the underlined part of the last sentence of this passage, we can infer(推断) that the writer thinks putting slogans and warnings on cigarette packs is ______to solve the problem.
A.not enoughB.of no use
C.of great helpD.of great importance.



小题3:词义猜测题。通过上两句的叙述“They are used to seeing…smoking”可知,吸烟的成年人为孩子提供了“学吸烟”的环境,之后成为烟民。跟大人学吸烟最恰当的词是“模仿”。
小题4:推理判断题。从最后一段可知,针对青少年禁烟运动,作者提倡社会、政府、学校和家庭应共同承担责任。通过“not just to put…”可知在烟盒上放标语警示远远不够。


知名教师分析,《Wang Bing’s father began smoking when he was a freshman ( 大学一年级学生)in college. His friend passed him》这道题主要考你对 社会现象类阅读 等知识点的理解。



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