• 用单词的适当形式填空。play, thank, write, not like, good, homework, swim, get, bird, one小题1:Tom often _______ l

    play, thank, write, not like, good, homework, swim, get, bird, one
    小题1:Tom often _______ letters to his pen pal.
    小题2: There are some _______ in the tree.
    小题3: I have some ________ to do on weekends.
    小题4: Look! They _________basketball over there.
    小题5: ________ for your help.
    小题6: Sunday is the _______ day of a week.
    小题7:It’s time for us _________ up.
    小题8: Let’s __________ in the river.
    小题9:Han Mei _________ documentaries because they are boring.
    小题10: Lily’s brother plays computer games very ________.

  • Look at this picture first. If Country A is experiencing summer, what is the season(季节)in Country B

    Look at this picture first. If Country A is experiencing summer, what is the season(季节)in Country B?

  • 用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空。小题1:She always does her homework ________ (care), and we all like working with her.小

    小题1:She always does her homework ________ (care), and we all like working with her.
    小题2:Five days ________ (late), he came to my home again and took away that computer.
    小题3: Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.
    小题4:Walk along the path, and you ________ (see) a shop on your left.
    小题5: I am looking forward to ________ (meet) you in Beijing.

  • 根据汉语意思完成句子小题1:他刚刚自言自语道并迅速地跑开。He ________________________and ________________________just now.小题2:一直往

    He ________________________and ________________________just now.
    ______________, then turn left__________________.
    My parents__________________________dinner.
    China is________________ Japan, it is _______________ Japan.
    My bag is________________. Can you                                ?

  • 小题1:Usually before exams, students ________(give)two minutes to write down their names.小题2:--- Is Jo

    小题1:Usually before exams, students ________(give)two minutes to write down their names.
    小题2:--- Is John going away?
    --- I think so. He __________ (hope) for a better job, but he didn’t get it.
    小题3:I turned back only to find myself _________ (follow) by a group of beggars.
    小题4: Little Jim should love _________ (take) to the theatre this evening.
    小题5:--- Rick! Your clothes is wet through. Didn’t you listen to the weather report this morning?
    ---No, I didn’t. I was in a hurry. Besides, it _________ (rain) when I left.
    小题6: We think the life we are used to          (change)a lot over the years.
    小题7:There seems to be a little girl         (sell) flowers on the square.
    小题8:I felt confident that our school football team __________ (win) the match the next time.

  • 小题1:我们为中国登山队再次成功登上珠穆朗玛峰顶而感到骄傲。We ______________________________that the Chinese climbers reached the

    We ______________________________that the Chinese climbers reached the top of Mount Qomolangma again.
    __________________________________ while we are travelling.
    The factory __________________________________, but now it has changed a lot.
    小题4: 她太激动了,以至于一直哭着,说不出话来.
    She was so excited _______________________________________________________.
    小题5: 杰克喜欢表演并已成功扮演了一位推销员的角色。
    Jack likes acting and he __________________________________ a salesman successfully.
    I couldn’t____________________________________, even for a short time.

  • 根据情景提示,用恰当的短语或句子填空。(每空2分,共8分)* 你想请Tony把音乐的音量调小点,你可以这样说:小题1: Would you mind _________________________

    * 你想请Tony把音乐的音量调小点,你可以这样说:
    小题1: Would you mind _____________________________________________________, Tony?
    * 本周末你要开一个生日派对,你想邀请Lucy参加,你可以这样说:
    小题2: ________________________________________________________this weekend, Lucy?
    * 你不知道去银行的路怎么走,你可以这样询问路人:
    小题3:Excuse me, could you tell me _______________________________________________?
    * 你想告诉父母,将来你要当一名医生,你可以这么说:
    小题4:                                                             in the future.
    * 看到小汽车越来越普遍,你很想知道小汽车是什么时候发明的,你会这样问他人:

  • An explosion(爆炸) 小题1:at about 8 a.m. Thursday near a park in Urumqi, capital of northwest China'

    An explosion(爆炸)   小题1:  at about 8 a.m. Thursday near a park in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
    An attack(袭击)on a market in Urumqi that left at least 31 小题2:  and 94 injured(伤) on Thursday morning , It is the worst event in five    小题3: . The injured include(包括) people from    小题4:Han and Uygur ethnic groups," said Liu Hongxia, from a hospital. "Most of them are elderly  people," said she in tears. "I feel sad seeing 小题5:."
    Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged (誓言)to punish the terrorists(恐怖分子).

  • A. are B. spring C. oursD. fit E. heavilyF. winter G. come H. healthy I. hard J. theirs小题1:Don’t for

    A. are         B. spring       C. ours        D. fit         E. heavily
    F. winter       G. come        H. healthy      I.  hard       J. theirs
    小题1:Don’t forget where you _________/__________ from, little boy.
    小题2: We should take exercise an hour every day and keep _________/_________.
    小题3: __________/ ___________is the best season to go to Harbin.
    小题4: It’s raining ___________/____________. We have to stay at home instead of going out.
    小题5: The classroom is as big as __________/__________.

  • fall twelve she traditional care music enjoy say success play小题1:The woman is in trouble. Please hel

    fall   twelve   she  traditional    care   music   enjoy   say   success   play
    小题1:The woman is in trouble. Please help _________.
    小题2:Tony is so __________ that he often makes mistakes in his homework.
    小题3:Eating dumplings is a ___________ during Chinese Spring Festival.
    小题4:Liu Huan is one of the greatest Chinese ___________ . He’s written many wonderful songs.
    小题5: On my _________ birthday I got a computer from my parents.
    小题6: He left the room without ___________ goodbye.
    小题7:She _________ off the bike and broke her arm.
    小题8:We had a wonderful holiday. It was very _________.
    小题9:Not only you but also he _________ table tennis every Sunday morning.
    小题10:I hope the 15th Sports Meeting will be held __________ in our school.

  • A. surprisingB. understood C. in timeD. interesting E. hardlyKindergartens(幼儿园) may teach you very i

    A. surprising      B. understood     C. in time
    D. interesting      E. hardly
    Kindergartens(幼儿园) may teach you very important things you need to know. Dancy, a 5-year-old boy, saved his father’s life with the skills he learned.
    The boy’s father became seriously ill on the way home from a father-son shopping. He couldn’t speak and could小题1: move, but he tried hard to stop the car safely. At that point, Dancy used his father’s phone to call his mother for help. The 5-year-old boy tried his best to give her useful information and he was able to tell where they were. Just as he had learned in the kindergarten, Dancy read the letters he saw on a nearby store sign: “F, U, R, N, I, T, U, R, E.” But that wasn’t enough for his mother to find them. Then he added that they were near a bridge. Finally, his mother   小题2:he was talking about a store called Furniture 22 on New Jersey’s Route 22. The mother called 911 and the father was saved   小题3: .
    “He just thought his dad needed help,” Dancy’s mother told the reporter. She also pointed out that her husband was a hero, too. “It is   小题4:  for him to get off the highway and get himself and his child to safety even when he was so sick,” she said.
    Shine, head of the kindergarten, felt proud of his pupil. “Dancy’s spelling skills helped him seize the moment,” he said, “And that’s the real value(价值)of education.”

  • A. withB. without C. medicineD. fight against E. quicklyIt is reported that 300 million people in Ch

    A. with             B. without       C. medicine
    D. fight against     E. quickly
    It is reported that 300 million people in China have eyesight trouble. More and more parents hope to save their children’s eyesight with   小题1:   or by correcting the ways that children read and sit. But in fact, one should start with the exercise on one’s feet. Here are three ways to save eyes.
    First, don’t tie your shoes too closely. Try wearing comfortable and soft socks or walking  小题2:  socks and shoes at home. While you are travelling, try wearing cloth shoes in order to improve blood circulation(循环).
    Second, walking on tiptoes(脚尖)is good for one’s eyesight. It can   小题3:  eyesight trouble.
    Third, rope skipping can also be good for one’s eyesight. While skipping rope, one has to move 小题4:  , making both the brain and the eyes excited. It may also help make one grow taller.

  • 小题1:My mother asked me to buy two __________on my way back home. (tomato)小题2:The family are having a

    小题1:My mother asked me to buy two __________on my way back home. (tomato)
    小题2:The family are having a party to celebrate their child’s _________ birthday.(five)
    小题3:Please help ___________ to the fruit on the plate, children. (you)
    小题4:Peter felt ___________ sick yesterday so he asked for leave. (terrible)
    小题5:We are sorry to hear the bad news of the  ____________ MH 370 on TV. (fly)
    小题6:How I wish the heavy haze(雾霾)could ___________ in our city. (appear)
    小题7: The government in Fengxian is planning to __________the roads to solve the heavy traffic. (wide)
    小题8:US First lady Michelle Obama gave a_________ at Peking University and met with Chinese and US students in March. (speak)

  • daughter teach neither cheer happy小题1:Jenny’s _______________ takes after her. They are both very ki

    daughter    teach     neither    cheer    happy
    小题1:Jenny’s _______________ takes after her. They are both very kind.
    小题2:The good news Miss White told us made everyone _______________ up.
    小题3:Julie met her good friend on the way to school and they talked _______________.
    小题4:The problem is really difficult.______________ Lucy nor her sister can work it out.
    小题5:I didn’t know what was _____________ in the math class yesterday because I was ill at home.

  • 翻译句子(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分)根据所给提示完成下列句子。小题1:你对现在的学习还满意吗?Are you ____________________________________

    翻译句子(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分)
    Are you ___________________________________________now?
    The number of cars_____________________________ on the road.
    He always________________________ and __________________.
    I have a map with me _____________________________________.
    We all believe that _______________________________________.

  • 小题1:他别无选择,只好放弃了出国深造。He going abroad for further education.小题2:真遗憾,音乐会的门票昨天就已经全部都卖完了。What a pity!The

    He                  going abroad for further education.
    What a pity!The tickets for the concert                       yesterday.
    I hope you can                                    .
    In my opinion, confident,honest and hardworking                     .
    2014 winter Olympics                          .Is Sochi more beautiful now?
    With the development of science and technology, I can’t             in ten years.

  • 根据所给汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。小题1:他被选为班长时非常兴奋。He was excited when he to be the monitor.小题2:他们应该上学,而不是干活养家。They s

    He was excited when he           to be the monitor.
    They should go to school            working to support the families.
    When was the school          ?
    Now my father           to going to bed so early.
    to learn a foreign language.
    For      information, please      Amy on 55586390.
    They are so poor that they can’t           travel to hospital.
    Many topics are      in the course,      travel and hotels, food and drink, and shopping and money.

  • Do you know anything about airport security(安全)? In order to protect passengers, airports have 小题1:_

    Do you know anything about airport security(安全)? In order to protect passengers, airports have 小题1:________rules. Some of these rules include:
    Restricted items
    小题2:________ are not allowed on board. In the past, knives under four inches were allowed on board, 小题3:________ now, knives are not permitted at all.
    ID checks
    All passengers must have ID cards 小题4:________ match their boarding passes. Passengers are unable to fly小题5:_________these documents.
    Security on the aircraft
    Generally, 小题6:________ are not permitted to enter the cockpit, where the pilot sits, 小题7:________when the plane is in the air. In order to increase security, bullet-proof doors and locks are now standard on all planes.
    Forbidden liquids
    No liquids over 100ml may be 小题8:________ on board in hand luggage. Liquids 小题9:______ 100ml must be carried in a clear plastic bag. This 小题10:________water, shampoo, toner etc

  • The UK wants Chinese teachers to help to increase the level of maths in its ____小题1:____. Chinese st

    The UK wants Chinese teachers to help to increase the level of maths in its ____小题1:____. Chinese students ___小题2:______the highest international test results. There is a huge ____小题3:____in maths levels between the UK and China. A newspaper said: "The children of cleaners in Shanghai do better than ____小题4:_____of UK doctors and lawyers in global maths tests." The UK will hire 60 ____小题5:______Shanghai's best maths teachers to help improve the ability of one million British students.
    The UK is ____小题6:_____behind many countries in maths. Poor education in maths costs the UK economy $30 billion a year. Britain's education minister went on ____小题7:______fact-finding task to China. She said: "We have some excellent maths teachers…but ___小题8:______I saw in Shanghai… strengthened my belief that we can learn from them." She added: "They have a can-do attitude to maths and I want us to ____小题9:____that." Having better Maths skills mean you can get ____小题10:_____salaries and better jobs.

  • 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。stampexcepttwelvetakepleasant小题1:Yesterday Jim decided to the bus to work bec

    小题1:Yesterday Jim decided to         the bus to work because his bike didn’t work .
    小题2:We went to the cinema         Linda last Sunday because she had to stay at home and take care of her sick mother .
    小题3:The boy likes collecting         very much . He has collected many of them .
    小题4:December is the         month of the year .
    小题5:It was a/an         trip. It was raining all day and we had to stay in the hotel all day .

  • 小题1:He _______(shake) my hand and led me into the hall.小题2: This sign means people (warn) not to par

    小题1:He _______(shake) my hand and led me into the hall.
    小题2: This sign means people         (warn) not to park cars here.
    小题3:– Where’s your mum? – Oh, she        (pick) grapes in the garden.
    小题4:Mary as well as her classmates _______(practice) speaking English every morning.
    小题5: Anyone ________(punish) if they break the law any time.
    小题6:The guide advised us not to risk          (stay) out late at night.
    小题7:It’s really bad for people _______(litter) everywhere.
    小题8:Oh, my god! Little John seems to be sad. I guess something _______(happen) to him.
    小题9:– I didn’t see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?
    – Because I _______(wait) for an old friend from the USA.
    小题10: All the leaflets _______(hand) out to the people in the street yesterday.

  • 小题1:你还有很多要学的东西,尤其是一些基本技能。You still have a lot to learn,some .小题2:大多数有眼病的人因为没有钱而不得不放弃医学治疗。Most people

    You still have a lot to learn,        some               .
    Most people with eye diseases have to                     treatment because they are too poor.
    he                            to work for the equal rights of women?
    As soon as we arrived there, we ___________________________________ to visit it.
    It’s patient                         these children with intellectual disabilities.
    We should                                    .

  • 从方框中选择正确的语句补全对话 使对话意思完整(6分)AA: What did you do last night?B: I went to the concert.A:小题1:B: Yes. I h

    从方框中选择正确的语句补全对话 使对话意思完整(6分)
    A: What did you do last night?
    B: I went to the concert.
    B: Yes. I had a good time. I enjoyed the music and songs very much.
    A: 小题2:
    B: They were very good.
    A: When will there be the next concert?
    B: Next Friday evening. Do you want to go?
    A: Yes, I do.小题3:
    B: 50 yuan.
    A: It’s kind of expensive.
    B: I agree.

  • Reporter: Congratulations!You just won the first prize in the State Tennis Competition.Michael: Than

    Reporter: Congratulations!You just won the first prize in the State Tennis Competition.
    Michael: Thank you.
    Reporter: Michael, how old are you?
    Michael: Seven
    Reporter: Seven! 小题1:__
    Michael: Since I was three.
    Reporter: 小题2:
    Michael: My father. And I take private lessons, too.
    Reporter: How many days a week do you play?
    Michael: 小题3:_ I want to practise every day, but my parents say three or four days is enough.
    Reporter: Are you going to continue with your tennis?
    Michael: Uh-huh I want to be a professional tennis player when I’m older.
    Reporter: Wish you greater success!
    Michael: Thank you.
    A.Who taught you how to play?.
    B.  About three or four.
    C.  How long have you been playing tennis?

  • 小题1:这个故事很有趣,让我们一起来读一读吧。The story is very interesting. __________read it together.小题2:把东西收好,该睡觉了。Put

    The story is very interesting. __________read it together.
    Put your things away. ________________bed.
    To drive less is_________________the environment.
    He was_____________say a word when he heard the good news.
    Shall we make Mike our monitor? He is______________.

  • D:阅读下面短文,从方框内选择恰当的句子填入文中空白处,使短文内容完整、意思连贯。My life is always filled with sadness and little joy. 小题1:L

    My life is always filled with sadness and little joy.       小题1:
    Last year, I was allowed to enter the only key high school in my hometown.       小题2:
    I rushed to my home and told my parents. But my father didn’t seem as excited as I was. He just kept smoking without saying a word and my mother put her head down and couldn’t help crying.
    I knew very well what my family was like. My mum had been ill in bed for two years. We lived a hard life and I couldn’t continue my schooling. I felt so upset but I could say nothing to my parents.     小题3:
    To my surprise, things completely changed before the beginning of the new term. My head teacher came to my family with some money, which had been raised by my schoolmates. He encouraged me, “Always have a dream. ”      小题4:I have been studying hard since I entered the high school. Whenever I meet difficulties, I always think of my teacher and schoolmates. I have a college dream and I must work hard for it, no matter how hard life is. Just as a great man says, “     小题5: 

  • 根据图示和提示词,写出恰当的句子,每图一句。要求:1.使用全部的提示词; 2.写出完整的句式结构。

    要求:1.使用全部的提示词;    2.写出完整的句式结构。

  • 小题1:How are you today? - I'm feeling much____ (bad) than yesterday.小题2: If you put your heart i

    小题1:How are you today?  - I'm feeling much____ (bad)  than yesterday.
    小题2: If you put your heart into studying English, you will be___(success) in the future.
    小题3:There are two_____.(different) in the following pictures.
    小题4:1 live on the____(twelve)floor of the building.
    小题5:Would you mind_________(close) the window?

  • 从方框中选择合适的短语并用其适当形式填空。(有一项多余)be willing to, stay up, write down, throw away, take pride in, come over

    从方框中选择合适的短语并用其适当形式填空。 (有一项多余)
    be willing to,  stay up,  write down,  throw away,  take pride in,  come over to
    小题1:He       to Watch the W0rld Cup last night.
    小题2:A11 the teachers____   answer Students’ questions.
    小题3:Don't forget ________ my house when you come to Beijing.
    小题4:If you pass the exam, your teacher____   you.
    小题5:He never____   plastic bottles after using them only Once.

  • 小题1: Linda is the big ____________ of the car race.小题2: Art is my ____________ class in the timetabl

    小题1: Linda is the big ____________ of the car race.
    小题2: Art is my ____________ class in the timetable today.
    小题3:We should always speak ____________ to our parents.
    小题4: Jim ____________ the TV and watched the football game.
    小题5:Mr. Zhang owns a teahouse. It ____________ tea in special bowls.

  • 补全对话A: It's a nice day.B: Yes, it's a beautiful day .A: Are there so many people here all

    A: It's a nice day.
    B: Yes, it's a beautiful day .
    A: Are there so many people here all the time?
    B: 小题1:__________. This is my first time here.
    A: Me, too. I think this is a great place.
    B: Yeah, I think so too.
    A: 小题2:_________?
    B: I’m visiting from London. How about you?
    A: 小题3:_______.
    B: That’s cool. Are you having a good time?
    A: Yes. There are many things to see and I’m taking a lot of picture.
    B: 小题4:______?
    A: For two weeks, I went to San Francisco and Los Angeles. I want to see Yellow Stone National Park before I leave.
    B: 小题5:________.
    A: Oh, my friends are waiting for me. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    B: Thank you. It was nice meeting you.

  • 小题1:My uncle always _______________________ on us when he came to our city.小题2:He didn’t want to go

    小题1:My uncle always _______________________ on us when he came to our city.
    小题2:He didn’t want to go to school by pretending to be __________________ ill.
    小题3:The Science Museum is a good place for children __________________ their new ideas.
    小题4:Children should __________________ how to respect others in their daily life.
    小题5:He went to France the year before last and I haven’t heard from him _______________then.
    小题6:He didn’t get any help and had to complete the work _________________.
    小题7:The naughty boy is always punished by his mother for his bad_____________.
    小题8:Most of the teenagers like eating junk food __________________ healthy food.
    小题9:They found out the truth by doing a lot of__________________ experiments.
    小题10:This DVD is quite useful. It can help us learn English and enjoy the beautiful sights of many places _______________________.

  • A traveller came to a village carrying nothing but an empty pot. He was h 小题1: , but nobody would of

    A traveller came to a village carrying nothing but an empty pot. He was h 小题1:  , but nobody would offer their food to him. The traveller then f 小题2:  the pot with water, put a large stone into it, and placed it o 小题3:  a fire in the village square.
    One of the villagers asked w 小题4:  he was doing. The traveller answered,“I’m making ‘ stone soup’. ”The villager seemed i 小题5: .
    The traveller continued,“The soup tastes wonderful but I need some carrots to make i 76  more tasty. ”The villager then b 小题6:  him some carrots and put them in the pot.
    Another villager walked by, asking about the pot, a 小题7:  the traveller again told him about his stone soup. This time he really needed some meat. The villager brought him some meat to help him out.
    More and more villagers walked by. Each added o 小题8:  things. Finally, the traveller had a delicious pot of soup. Of course, he s 小题9: it with everyone.

  • My relationship with my mother changed after I went to college. When I was at home, we小题1:about many

    My relationship with my mother changed after I went to college. When I was at home, we小题1:about many things, for example, wearing makeup(化妆) and talking on the phone. One time, before a big party, she 小题2:to let me leave the house. She thought my makeup was too heavy. I had to wash my face before I went to the party. I was the only girl without makeup, and I was so小题3:. And when I talked to my friends on the phone, my mum always shouted to tell me to hang up, and the person I was talking to could hear her. Her小题4:always made me upset.

  • But after a few months at college, I changed myself小题1:. I met new people. I started learning about

    But after a few months at college, I changed myself小题1:. I met new people. I started learning about history, politics, and the world. I didn’t have the time or patience for long phone conversations. I stopped caring so much about things like makeup. I once went to a party with no makeup on, but I felt fine. I just laughed about it. My new way of thinking brought me 小题2:my mother. Now, I talk to my mother almost every day. We get along quite well. We go to movies小题3:and read the same books. I tell her about my problems and she gives me good小题4:. Last month, my mother helped me through a bad time. She is an amazing person. I know that now.

  • 小题1:Ben has finished the project on reusing natural resources. (改成否定句)Ben __________ __________the p

    小题1:Ben has finished the project on reusing natural resources. (改成否定句)
    Ben __________ __________the project on reusing natural resources.
    小题2:Amy will study in an international language school for several weeks. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________will Amy study in an international language school?
    小题3:I was surprised to see my sister’s photograph on a magazine cover. (保持句意基本不变)        __________my__________, I saw my sister’s photograph on a magazine cover.
    小题4:The girl wondered where she would meet her friends the next morning. (改为简单句)
    The girl wondered__________ __________meet her friends the next morning.
    小题5:Sometimes we use smart phones to take pictures instead of cameras. (改为被动语态)
    Sometimes smart phones__________ __________ to take pictures instead of cameras.
    小题6:John asked, “Can you look after my pet dog while I’m away?” (合成宾语从句)
    John asked __________I __________look after his pet dog while he was away.
    小题7:doing, the students, in the lab, an experiment, are (连词成句)

  • 小题1:专家建议我们在雾霾天不要一直开着窗户。Experts advised us not to ______ the windows _______ all the time on hazy day

    Experts advised us not to ______ the windows _______ all the time on hazy days.
    The ________ carefully the drivers go, the _______ accidents there will be on the road.
    小题3:3-D 打印机能打印各种东西,比如汽车、飞机甚至人体某些部位,很神奇。
    It’s amazing that 3-D printing can copy many different things, ______ _____ cars, airplanes and even human body parts.
    Please ______ ______ the form with your address and phone number so that we can touch you when we have news.
    小题5:MH370 航班共有239 名乘客不幸失去生命,包括154 名中国人。
    It’s sad that all 239 passengers in the flight of MH370 _______ their ______, including 154 Chinese

  • improve own please relax weak小题1:Who is the _______ of the new sports car?小题2:Just sit down and try

    improve   own    please   relax   weak
    小题1:Who is the _______ of the new sports car?
    小题2:Just sit down and try to _______ for a while, Grace.
    小题3:Linda’s health has _______ greatly since she started on this new diet.
    小题4:Li Ming is _______ in English, so he needs to spend more time on it.
    小题5:My parents told me Ms. Smith was really _______ with my work last term.

  • 小题1: He _____ (weight) only 70 kilos now after taking a balanced diet.小题2: Sometimes, body language

    小题1: He _____ (weight) only 70 kilos now after taking a balanced diet.
    小题2: Sometimes, body language in communication is a wonderful way _____ (express) ourselves.
    小题3: Enough exercise outdoors can make us _____ (精力充沛的).
    小题4:There is no doubt that Moyan is a great _____ (succeed) with Nobel Prize.
    小题5:The government should encourage social groups to care for the disabled who
    (have) difficulty in life.
    小题6:The songs _____ (full) of strong feelings remind us of the “good old days”.
    小题7: Some inventions that led to the colorful movies are on show, _____ (include) cameras.
    小题8:New technology _____ (提供) us with more chances to know about the society.
    小题9: — Is Mr. Black still single?
    — No, he _____ (结婚) for two months by now.

  • child; take after; lucky; grow up; communicate; cover; we小题1: I hope I can be _______________ enough

    child; take after; lucky; grow up; communicate; cover; we
    小题1: I hope I can be _______________ enough to pass the exam.
    小题2: Nobody can help us. We will have to do it by _______________.
    小题3: Teenagers need to _______________ with their parents often.
    小题4: What do you think he is going to be when he _______________?
    小题5: Everyone knows _______________ are a lot like their parents.

  • 小题1:— Your uncle looks strong.—Yes. He likes sports. Heevery day.小题2:At the 2014 Oscar ceremony, the

    小题1:— Your uncle looks strong.
    —Yes. He likes sports. He            every day.
    小题2:At the 2014 Oscar ceremony, the film Twelve Years a Slave             for best picture.
    小题3:— Paul, where is Sam?
    —He is in the garden. He             grandma.
    小题4:There will be four hours’ performances           in the theatre each day next month.
    小题5:When the new railway is completed in 2017,the time of the journey from Lianyungang to Shanghai            by half.
    小题6:The solider is a hero who saved two            lives in the earthquake.
    小题7:           the World Book Day, the book shop sold books at a discount on April 23nJ.
    小题8:In recent years, WeChat has become a kind of fashion and a growing number of young people           it.
    小题9:— China lifted the Uber Cup for the 13th time after beating Japan.
    Great! The players are so excellent that all of us              them.
    小题10:— Did you see the man in a red cappass by just now?
    —No, madam. We _      of each other.

  • 小题1:— Time for dinner. Mum and Dad.—There’re only(两双筷子) on the table. We need one more.小题2:Millie sa

    小题1:— Time for dinner. Mum and Dad.
    —There’re only               (两双筷子) on the table. We need one more.
    小题2:Millie said she                 (等不及看) her computer. It’s a present from her parents.
    小题3:My watch                 (比你的新). I bought it last week.
    小题4:— We’ll have a trip early tomorrow morning, won’t we?
    —Yes, you’d better                 (不要熬夜) tonight.
    小题5:It               (对我们是有帮助的) to choose public transport to change traffic jams.

  • when home happy be so his spend with park onLast Monday, my husband and I 小题1:some time in the park

    when    home   happy   be   so   his   spend   with    park    on
    Last Monday, my husband and I    小题1:   some time in the park next to our house. We often went to this   小题2:   and we knew there were some homeless people. They sometimes stayed    小题3:  the benches (长椅). We brought along some apples, oranges and a few bottles of water to share with them. I felt great happiness   小题4:   I watched them eating our things. They said it was a big dinner for them and it was the luckiest day for them in their lives.
    Among them, there   小题5:a homeless boy Bruce. He was about eight years old and he lost   小题6:   parents in a car accident,   小题7: he couldn’t go to school. When I asked him, “Do you like to school?” He said yes. We decided to take him   小题8:  and let him go to school. The boy was happy to live    小题9:   us.
    From that day on, little Bruce became our son and went to school   小题10:.

  • above,king,come,old,food,too,reply,another,life,seeA boy found an eagle’s(鹰) egg and he put it in th

    A boy found an eagle’s(鹰) egg and he put it in the nest of a chicken. Soon the egg broke open and the eagle 小题1:            out. He thought he was a chicken. He grew up doing what chickens do—searching in the dirt for 小题2:            and flying short distances with a noisy waving of wings. It was a hard life. Little by little the eagle grew 小题3:           . One day he and his chicken friend 小题4:           . a beautiful bird flying in the air, high (小题5:          the mountains.
    “Oh, I wish I could fly like that!” said the eagle. The chicken 小题6:           , “Don’t give it another thought. That’s the great eagle, the 小题7:            of all birds—you could never be like him!” And the eagle didn’t give it 小题8:            thought. He went on cackling(咯咯) and complaining(抱怨) about 小题9:          . Finally he died thinking he was a chicken.
    My friends, you 小题10:            were born an eagle. The God expected you to be an eagle, so don’t listen to the chickens!

  • Once there was an 小题1:between the colors. Each color thought it was the best and most important. So

    Once there was an    小题1:   between the colors. Each color thought it was the best and most important. So each color looked down upon others. Here are their debates.
    Green said: “Clearly I am the most important. I am the    小题2:  of life and hope. I’m the color of grass, trees and leaves.    小题3:   me, all animals would die.”
    Yellow laughed: “I bring happiness and warmth into the world. Every time people look at a yellow sunflower, they start to smile. Without me there    小题4:   be no fun.”
    Orange shouted: “I am the color of    小题5:  and strength. I have the most important vitamins (维生素). Think of carrots,    小题6:  and oranges. When I appear in the sky, everyone is shocked at my beauty and nobody gives another thought to any of you.”
    Red could no    小题7:   stand it, “I am the color of danger and bravery. I am willing to fight for a cause. I bring fire into the blood.”
    Their voices   小题8:   louder and louder. The thunder(雷) got angry and the rain started to pour. When they became calm, the rain said, “You foolish colors. Don’t you know that each of you is unique (独一无二)? If you don’t agree, just follow me.” They did as the rain told   小题9:   and together made the most    小题10:   rainbow (彩虹).

  • 补全对话(根据已给出的内容,补全对话。每题2分,共10分。)A:Good afternoon. May I 小题1:_______________________________ ?B.Yes. 小题

    A:Good afternoon. May I 小题1:      ________________ _______________ ?
    B.Yes. 小题2:       _________________ vegetables in the beef soup?
    A:Yes. There are some tomatoes. .
    B: OK. We’d like one bowl of beef soup.
    Is her hair long?
    Is she thin?
    What does she look like?
    What color is her hair?
    Does she have two big eyes?
    A: Sure. 小题3: ____________________________________________?
    B: Large, please.
    C: We’d also like gongbao chicken and some mapo tofu with rice.
    A: OK. 小题4:____________________________________, one gongbao chicken and one mapo tofu with rice.
    B:Yes, 小题5: _____________________________   .

  • 小题1: 我的好朋友Tom出国将近2个月了。My good friend _________________________ for nearly 2 months.小题2:尽管外面天气很冷,但是他坚

    小题1: 我的好朋友Tom出国将近2个月了。
    My good friend _________________________ for nearly 2 months.
    Though it is cold outside,  he _______________________ every day.
    小题3: 很多青少年由于过重的作业负担而得不到充足的睡眠。
    A large number of teenagers can’t get ________________________ too much homework.
    _______________________ , the English teacher has marked new words in red.
    小题5: 我想知道多久以后如此多的邮件会得以回复。
    I am wondering _______________________________ .
    The engineer                        and finally had a success.

  • It was Christmas Day.Tina was alone in the great city house.Her parents went to the hospital because

    It was Christmas Day.Tina was alone in the great city house.Her parents went to the hospital because their oldest boy was ill.
    "What a boring Christmas!" Tina thought to herself. At that moment,she  小题1: music in the street. She ran to the window and saw a little boy  小题2:.He was singing and beating a drum.Tina saw that he wore no 小题3:
    "Are you cold?" asked Tina.
    The little boy smiled,but she couldn't hear 小题4:   he said.So she told him to come in. He was a little nervous,but the carpet (地毯) felt warm to 小题5:  poor feet.He told Tina that his name was Guido.And he was  小题6: poor that he had to go singing from house to house for some money to buy his dinner.
    "My mama is away,and I am   小题7:a sad Christmas.But I'll try to make it nice 小题8: you," said Tina.They played games and Guido sang to her.Then they had a big dinner. Guido was very happy.
    That night,Tina told her mother, " Now I know something.Whenever you 小题9: sad and lonely,find somebody  小题10: and lonelier than yourself and cheer them up.It will make you feel all right. "

  • with studies idea make namedIf you have an exciting小题1: , when should you 小题2:it come true? Baolige,

    with    studies  idea   make    named
    If you have an exciting  小题1: , when should you  小题2:  it come true? Baolige, a Junior 2 student from Inner Mongolia, can give you advice now. The 15-year-old boy 小题3:at Beizhong No.1 Middle School in Baotou. He likes to make short video clips小题4: his camera. He and his four friends hit a music video 小题5:0ur Glorious Days and it is about teenagers' lives. The 5 minute video has been watched more than 2,000 times on the video-sharing website Youku.